Advocacy and Lobbying


The main interventions in this program area are geared towards achieving the following objectives;

    • Mobilizing and empowering communities for proactive and responsive actions to protect children from all forms of abuse, violence, diseases and exploitation.
    •Empowering children to advocate for their rights and protect themselves from all forms of abuse and exploitation. Child Aid Uganda recognizes children as social actors both in their own lives and in society and believes children have their own capacities, interests, concerns, needs and rights.
    •Working with other institutions to ensure the implementation and enforcement of laws and policies for child welfare, care and protection. Child Aid Uganda worked with the Secretary of Finance/ Vice Chairperson to meet district councilors and members of the technical team to raise awareness on the implementation of the National Strategy to End Child Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy and advocate for a budget allocation on activities geared towards ending Child Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy.