HIV and AIDs, Child Health and Survival

Accessibility of health services by Orphans and other Vulnerable Children, young people and caregivers is done through static and health education outreach services, child days and youth clubs. Activities under this programme are geared towards increasing access to preventive and curative services to AIDs Orphans and other Vulnerable Children and their families /households.
Malaria Prevention
Child Aid Uganda activities under this component aims at increasing accessibility of life-saving interventions that protect families from malaria attacks. Activities include; distribution of long lasting insecticide treated nets through campaigns and health facilities to pregnant mothers and children under five years, information sharing to families on malaria prevention, education and communication programmes which promote change of attitude.
Housing water and sanitation improvement
Activities under this component are geared towards increasing access to improved domestic hygiene clean water and sanitation through construction of houses, latrines, water tanks and kitchens to orphans and other vulnerable children in the area of operation. Under this programme area, existing houses are renovated while new ones are also constructed to the homeless Orphans and other Vulnerable Children and their families. Furthermore, families are also provided with beddings, clothing and household utensils such as plates, jerry cans, basins among others. CHAU promotes and supports households to put up bath shelters, drying racks, animal pens, proper ventilation, lockable doors and rubbish pits in addition to promoting drinking of safe boiled water to avoid water borne diseases.