Activities under this programme are geared towards increasing accessibility to micro enterprise development initiatives through grants and micro finance services to enable OVC’s and their families have their own income for self reliance. Child Aid Uganda puts special emphasis on promoting households’ income generating projects. Under this programme area, OVC’s and their families are trained in entrepreneurial skills and given the family support fund to boost their income generating projects. Currently 59 widows are benefiting from the fund and these are able to sponsor their children to go to school and attain basic needs which wasn’t the situation before CHAU Interventions. CHAU is also a member of the UN founded youth network of Tackling Poverty Together where we provide technical support and training youth towards highlighting and strengthening the role of young people in national poverty reduction strategies. CHAU will also endeavor to solicit and attract reputable international committed donor-Enterprise Development Initiatives to increase incomes amongst youth and households infected and affected by HIV scourge.

Activities under this programme are aimed at enhancing sustainable food security interventions at community and house hold level for sustainable, economic, social growth and survival of HIV/AIDS affected and infected families and households in Uganda. CHAU provides food relief and seeds to OVC’s. CHAU will continue to contribute substantially to the improvement in household food security among the households in its interventions through training in food preparation, food growing and post harvest management techniques. The OVC’s and their families will thus be linked to Agriculture Extension Workers in the districts who constantly monitor and give technical support at household level. In addition, households will receive farm inputs ranging from hoes, pangas, wheel barrows and seeds. This will result into many farmers increasing on the size of their gardens, leading to high yields; many households will establish granaries and shall be able to afford having two meals in a day, which was not possible before. This will contribute to the improvement in the health and nutritional status of orphans and other vulnerable children, including their caregivers. Families with HIV infected persons will be identified and will receive special food supplements.