Education Support

Activities under this programme are aimed at increasing equitable access to quality education to Orphans and other Vulnerable Children through sponsorship schemes at pre – primary level, primary, secondary, tertiary and vocational skills training. Career guidance and counseling services to children are also provided to children who are psychologically traumatized by the death of their parents to HIV/AIDs and other threats that hinder them from better performance and healthy plus happily living.
Primary level. (P1-P7)
Child Aid Uganda currently supports 189 pupils in primary schools with scholastic materials which include; school uniforms, exercise books, pens, pencils, mathematical sets, calculators and to some extent shoes to the very needy children. This is an effort by CHAU to complement government program of free UPE to all children including the OVC. Strategies to empower families of OVC in order to be able to meet their education needs will be enhanced in the future for sustainability. 
Secondary level (S1-S6)
Under secondary CHAU, supports 145 OVC’s with boarding school fees and scholastic materials. About 60% of these children are girls. This complements the government programme for universal secondary education (USE) by providing needy orphans who come from distance places with hostel fees, feeding and other student’s scholastic requirements. This positively impacts on the literacy levels of the OVC who otherwise would not have made it if they were out of school. Career guidance and counseling is also given priority.
Vocational skills training in technical schools and colleges
Child Aid Uganda has supported 35 students under formal vocational education who have already completed and are in gainful employment . Currently the organisation supports 50 apprentices who are still on the Rakai Health Science Program. They have been supported in mechanical skills, hair dressing, welding, tailoring, computer training, carpentry, building and construction. This will result into a number of youth getting employment and will also significantly reduce the HIV/AIDS risky behaviors through enhancing self-reliance. CHAU will commit more resources to training out of school youth in vocational skills and provide essentials to help them start their income generating projects.
Tertiary level (Higher institutions of learning)
Under this section, CHAU supports 4 OVC’s with intellectual ability to attain professional skills in higher institutions of learning for diploma and degree courses. It is envisaged that once these children complete their courses and are in gainful employment they will be able to support other AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in dire need